Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Say Aloha to Long Life

Residents of Hawaii have the longest life expectancy of any state, and D.C. denizens the shortest, according to a new Harvard study.

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OK, whoever submitted the original Digg for this one links to a BusinessWeek version instead of the actual Harvard study.

Anyway, these sorts of statistical examinations are interesting and generate good copy for local newspapers, but largely they don't account much for individuals: My grandparents are both 90+ and living in Michigan. I doubt very much that their longevity has anything to do with where they live; rather, it's those good, solid genes that I'm hoping I have in abundance.

The most important take-home from the study is right there on the front page, where it defines young as ages 15-44. Whew! I am young for another month and a half, and then I transition into middle age. Egads. I feel one foot slipping into the grave already.