Monday, August 28, 2006

Quick Cop: "It's ok, I'm trained to drive fast"

A UK police officer who drove 159 mph on a motorway has been found guilty of dangerous driving and given an absolute discharge (no fine or jail). Cameras on board Pc Mark Milton's unmarked car clocked him driving at high speeds on the M54 in Shropshire.

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Go ahead, read it all. But here's the deal: The cop was in his personal car, driving like a maniac on the fun, twisty backroads, and alleges he was doing this to test the car's potential as a police car. He was well-trained for this sort of thing, he notes.

Although no one ever asked me to test a police car, I would be happy to do so if they need testers for that sort of thing. My credentials are 10 years of high-performance driving (e.g., road racing) and five or six as a high-performance driving instructor. Among the tracks where I instructed others on high-performance driving techniques was Summit Point, W.V., where certain covert US government agencies conduct super-specialized driver training for people who might have to evade oil slicks, machine gun fire, etc.

Anyway, I am fairly sure that because Pc Milton's excuse worked brilliantly over in the UK, it's likely to work very well for civilian me. Too bad there is no way in heck that I can pedal my Mini Cooper fast enough to get in such a lot of trouble.


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